Album Review: Roy Haynes — Roy-Alty

Playful and dynamic, pensive and serene, Roy Haynes’s new album, Roy-Alty, is a glowing example of the veteran jazz drummer’s remarkable talent. Backed by musicians, Jaleel Shaw on alto sax, Martin Berjerano on piano, and David Wong on bass, Haynes proves that he is a strong and supportive group leader, guiding his band through 10 … Continue reading

Album Review: Avishai Cohen — Seven Seas

Israeli bassist Avishai Cohen offers us an inspired new album with Seven Seas. A founding member of Chick Corea’s sextet, Origin, Cohen proves once again that he is a talented and visionary composer, delivering 12 lingeringly evocative tunes, all of which resonate with a sort of mystical elation and spiritual bliss. Cohen’s compositions draw heavily … Continue reading

Album Review: Dave Brubeck – Dave Digs Disney

Dave Digs Disney, Brubeck’s 1957 Columbia classic, was reissued this May in celebration of the piano player’s 90th birthday. Upon seeing the album’s cartoon-studded album cover, one might be tempted to dump it back into the dustbins of jazz history and never look at it again. Like a glass slipper on an evil step-sister’s foot, … Continue reading

Concert Review: Tom Harrell at the Village Vanguard

Before the lights went down at the Village Vanguard Friday night, before the crowd of about 50 had finished settling into their seats, before any of the musicians had even taken to their instruments – Tom Harell stood on stage, alone. His back was rounded, his hands hung limply by his sides, and on his … Continue reading

Album Review: Jeff “Tain” Watts – Family

There is an undeniable explosiveness in Jeff “Tain” Watts’s playing, a fun and exuberant sense of freedom. It was obvious when he burst onto the jazz scene in the late 1980s playing as a sideman for Wynton’s and Branford Marsalis’s bands and is even more obvious on Family, his newest album from Dark Key music. … Continue reading

Album Review: Dave Douglas – United Front

Trumpeter Dave Douglas is known for his lyrically innovative style. It never fails to straddle the line between brassy exuberance and graceful sensitivity. Whether working with his new brass quintet, Brass Ecstasy, or his electronic sextet, Keystone, Douglas displays a talent for balancing lively arrangements with endlessly inventive improvisations. His newest album, United Front: Brass … Continue reading

Album Review: Stan Killian – Unified

Stan Killian, the Houston-born, New York-based saxophonist offers a stunning new CD with Unified, his new studio album from Sunnyside Records. On this album, Killian and his quartet are joined by special guests Roy Hargrove, Jeremy Pelt, and David Binney, all of whom add a brooding yet dynamic quality to the music. The songs on … Continue reading